Friday, December 30, 2016

Game Planning the New Year

Tomorrow will mark one week off from training / working out and I must admit that I am thankful that I stuck to the plan. My muscles and joints feel great and I've had some pretty good nights of sleep. As painful as it may sound time off cross training or ass to couch is actually a good thing. I still plan to rest physically for two or three more days but yesterday I decided to get back to work  on Jiu Jitsu mentally. I sat down and did a little video analysis of my training and competition footage as well as reviewed a few pages from my technique journals. This helped me determine my weak areas and where I need to improve in order to meet my goals for 2017. What I came up with are not New Years Resolutions per se, but a solid (in my opinion) game-plan / roadmap for 2017. While many of the items are aimed towards progressing in Jiu Jitsu it also includes things that I will need to do off the mats such as diet / nutrition, weight training, and reading. 
One of the primary things that I wish to accomplish in 2017 is growing our podcast in both reach and number of listeners. I released Work Play Obsession, Life and Jiu Jitsu approximately 2 months ago with the intent to spread the benefits of Jiu Jitsu to whoever had 10 -15 minutes to listen to those who train and experienced positive changes (self confidence, weight loss,  self defense, etc.). I also wanted to kill some of the stereotypes and take advantage of the unique environment we share in DC, Maryland, and Virginia where everyone trains together regardless of affiliation.  Part of my plan is to travel more often, meet more people, and conduct more interviews all working to produce better products for the listener. Spread the word, we produce one episode a week and can be found on iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play, Stitcher, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 
From a training perspective I must admit that I have become quite intrigued by the leg lock game. Attacking the legs and leg lock set ups are two areas that I plan to increase training on in 2017. Opposite to many of the fanboys that have jumped on the Gordon Ryan / Gary Tonon bandwagon I prefer to watch Josh Hayden (oddly enough another Tom Deblass guy) and study the 80/20 leg surfing system. It will be interesting to see how successful I am integrating these components into my current game-plan / training schedule. 
Straight ankle locks, knee bars, and toe holds are fun in the Gi but to access the full compliment of leg submissions No Gi training and drilling are must. Cross ashi garami inside sankaku, honey hole, 4/11, knee knot, saddle, etc. all require reaping which is illegal in most Gi competitions and therefore are positions unfamiliar to most guys who train predominately in the Gi. Time to get back to the fun of No-Gi while learning some new positions / submissions and shoring up my defenses in this area. 
Don't want to get into my competition game-plan but lets just say that it is complete and I hope to compete as much as possible this year. Last year was a let down to miss out on Masters Worlds and the plan is not to have a repeat non performance. It will come down to work / family commitments and making the time to dedicate to serious competition training camps. 
Anybody out there have developed their plans for next year? I'd like to hear what some other people plan to focus on or hope to accomplish this year. Comment below or hit me up on social media. 
Happy New Year and Keep Grinding. 

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