Sunday, June 18, 2017

Rollathon Saturday

Yesterday was a great day at the rollathon to support the Association for Suicide Prevention. A full three hours of rolling, story telling, and making new friends all for a good cause. As usual there are always those that come to roll harder than others but overall I feel everyone came pretty open and ego free.

One particular high note of this rollathon was the number of children on the mats and the number of adults willing to train and share with children regardless of affiliation. I have experienced other events such as this where people approached it like another training event. They were out to roll hard and had no time for children, sharing tips, or keeping it playful. I actually had a conversation with a friend of mine telling him that I never finish a submission at a charity event. This is just my personal approach but I either transition somewhere else or "allow" my opponent to work out of the situation. This is simply my personal approach and its obvious that many people do not share this sentiment. Listen, I train hard at my home academy and test myself through competitions, that's the bottom line.

No ego no drama. That's my approach. I feel that you get more of a feeling for different mindsets / approaches to the game of Jiu Jitsu by opening the flow. Being locked into back control fixated on trying to finish a choke is almost a waste of a roll with someone you may never get to roll with in the future. Open it up and you may have the opportunity to defend a position you don't normally see at your home academy.

Food for thought. Keep Grinding.

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